The reasons why you should get Ceramic Coating:

  • Extra-thick coating
  • Gloss of extraordinary depth and richness (hard candy shell appearance)
  • Simple upkeep / inherent cleanliness
  • Protects against fading in the wash
  • Shade from the sun’s beams
  • Ability to withstand extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Defying the effects of bird poop, water, and traffic footage
  • Repels grease, grime, and water

Ceramic Coating





Just what is this mysterious Ceramic Coating? It’s like applying a second coat of clear coat; it wraps your vehicle’s paint, wheels, trim, and glass from the elements with a coating of ultra-hard ceramic. Instead of having to wax and seal your car every few months, a ceramic coating can protect it for 18-25 months, keeping the paint in pristine condition and retaining a rich, wet shine that’s easy to care for.



Your car will appear as good as the day you drove it off the lot with the help of a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is a multi-layer, transparent liquid polymer that provides exceptional protection and longevity for the exterior of your vehicle. As an alternative to wax, it is applied by hand. A chemical reaction and bond formed attaching to the factory paint, making for a smooth clear coat-like surface that won’t wash away or break down.


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